If your computer is not working, don't pack it up to get it fixed...

Call SpeedyRob! We do house-calls, We come to you!

We are a locally owned company servicing the residents of the Columbus area and surrounding suburbs when you need help with your computer problems at an affordable cost. We troubleshoot a variety of computer issues whether you have a PC, a smartphone or tablet, or a Mac (Apple) computer.

Our focus is to service home and home-office users while striving to provide fast, BUT quality services.


PC Repairs

We service desktops and laptops of any brand whether it is running Windows 7 / 8 / 10. We clean your computer if it's been infected by viruses, malware, or ad-programs.

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Smartphones & Tablets

Whether you have an Android OS device or Apple iOS device, we can guide you through setup and help you navigate the system. If you have an Apple iMac or MacBook, we provide technical help as well.

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AVG Reseller

We are an official AVG Reseller. We have packages for home/office individuals as well as for entire corporations. We sell licenses for the very basic anti-virus package up to the Internet Security package with firewall and identity proteciton.