PC Repairs and Services

We have experience with Microsoft Windows operating systems whether you have XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, we can troubleshoot it. Here at SpeedyRob we care about your computer's hardware and software issues, and we have the experience to back up that care.

Below are some of our services (if you do not see the service or problem you need solved, call us or email us!):

Issues you might encounter with a Windows system:


  • System misconfiguration

    If you've installed a new component to computer, whether it would be internal or external and maybe during installation something went wrong. It could have been driver that didn't install properly for your external hard drive, or maybe when you were installing your printer you didn't mean to press the "Cancel" button and now you can't print!
    We can help with that!

  • Virus, malware, rootkit infections, spyware, ransom-ware

    You might be asking, "what's the difference? They are all bad right?" Yes, they are all bad but they are different and could be attacking or infecting your computer in different ways. They could prevent from working your current programs, or files or even from going online. Some infections might offer a solution that is not from a real company, or some of them are just quietly running in the background without you even knowing...
    We can help track those infections down and eliminate them!

  • Multiple services of programs running at the same time or in the background

    If you are not aware of what programs have been installed in your computer, or perhaps you've lost track of everything you have installed, you might need to do some "Spring cleaning". We can help you clean up, or upgrading/replacing some of your hardware depending on your situation

Hardware Solutions (Desktops & Laptops):


  • Upgrade/Replacement of internal hard drives
  • Transfer of personal information from old hard drive to new hard drive
  • Upgrade/Replacement of CD/DVD drives
  • Upgrade RAM memory cards
  • Upgrade/Replacement of internal video card
  • Upgrade/Replacement of network card (Ethernet card/Wireless card)
  • Power Supply replacement (Desktops only)


Software Solutions:


  • PC Tune-Up (Improve computer speed and performance)
  • Scan and remove viruses, malware, and spyware
  • Backup/Retrieval and Restoration of data from old system to new system
  • Complete reformat/reinstallation of Operating System
  • Upgrade of Operating Systems
  • Printer installation with proper software and drivers
  • Installation of software programs compatible with your Operating System


Do you have any of these problems? Do you have questions of how much a repair would cost? Contact us!